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Our company was established in Osmaniye in 2009 with its experience in the sector and with 7.000 m2 area, insulation and exterior façade production. The principle is to enlarge the use area of EPS by following the experienced technologist closely and constantly renewing the machine equipments and as a result expanding the product range .

The economic and environmental benefits of heat insulation are obvious nowadays how important the energy is to the environment. Thermal insulation, which becomes compulsory with our laws, is the most accurate and most suitable solution with ALP SÖVE EPS products. There are no components in the production that would pose a danger to the environment and human health. Our aim is to share with our country the development of ALP SÖVE which aims to be a pioneer company in the sector with customer-oriented working and after-sales service and product quality and to continue the same success outside our country.


We plan to make our production resources efficient in the home.


We make custom and standard productions


We stock up for you to respond faster.


We pay attention to customer satisfaction.

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